San Andrés

San Andrés


The island of San Andrés, situated off the coast of Nicaragua and 700 kilometers from the coast line of continental Colombia, is the largest of the Islands, which form part of the Caribbean archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, an authentic paradise in which the British, Scottish, Dutch, Irish, French, African, Spanish, pirates and buccaneers have contributed to a rich culture full of contrasts.

With its unusual shape of a sea horse, the island of San Andres offers its visitors the perfect destination to enjoy the beach and practice water sports. Refreshing dips in the crystal clear water, gentle walks in the soft sands of these heavenly beaches, eco-tourism in the mountains where you can appreciate the diverse flora, birds and reptiles, diving excursions and snorkeling, where you´ll discover fascinating marine species and coral reefs, sub aquatic eco systems of incredibly and extraordinarily diverse formations. These and many other options are waiting for our guests who wish to discover this beautiful Island in the Colombian Caribbean.

When you arrive at San Andrés by plane, the island welcomes you with its seven coloured sea, a natural paradise which generates indescribable emotions and which you´ll fall in love with. The rainbow of colours on its shores flow from its soft coloured sand on its beaches, ebbing to turquoise and the most vibrant greens blending to the brightest blues, a truly visual feast for the delight of your senses.

After an activity and shopping filled day in the Grand Free Port of Colombia, it is essential to charge your batteries for the energy filled nights full of music and local dancing, converting this in the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Hotels in San Andrés:

  • Grand Sirenis San Andrés (Second semester 2023)


  • Car, bus (colectivo), bike, motorbike or taxi


  • Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport: 2 km
  • La Loma: 5 km
  • San Luis: 6,2 km
  • Piscinita: 10 km
  • El Hoyo Soplador: 14,5 km
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