Swimming in Cenotes

One of the great privileges of Riviera Maya, scattered throughout its landscape, are the hundreds of cenotes that give it a unique character. Cenotes are pits or caves which lead to rivers and underground lagoons, thereby creating underground complexes which are very attractive to those who love scuba diving. Depending on their size, it is possible to visit them and even swim, and this is probably one of the most original activities you can carry out in Riviera Maya.

Among all of these cenotes, the Gran Cenote is notable, just over three kilometres from Tulum, a great tropical place for swimming in the jungle. Here the crystal clear waters are lit by the natural light of the exterior, perfect for practicing snorkelling and investigating the depths that reach ten metres or simply admiring the curious stalactites and stalagmites.

Another nearby cenote in the same region of Tulum is the Dos Ojos Cenote, but in this case, it is an excursion only suitable for the most intrepid. This place is characterised by forming part of a complex of over 60 kilometres of underwater caves (one of the largest in the world), but the Dos Ojos Cenote is just a small section which owes its name to the two pools which lead outside, connected by a 400-metre tunnel. Here, beyond swimming, you can cross these galleries full of stalactites and stalagmites, and see fish in the water. These excursions offer all equipment and are carried out in small groups of four people, accompanied by a guide. The clarity of the warm waters makes this trip very pleasant; even more so if it is in such an extraordinary place as this underground cave.

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