Nichupté Lagoon

Nichupté is a natural ecosystem located at the heart of Cancún, made up of lagoons and mangroves with an area of over three thousand hectares. It is a Protected Natural Area of vital importance for the biodiversity of the region.

The lagoon contains four types of mangroves: red, black, buttonwood and white. In them, countless wild species, plants and endemic animals live, such as crocodiles, leopard frogs, iguanas and white turtles.

If you want to discover this natural habitat, it is best to do so on a boat or jet ski. You will have the opportunity to observe some species, especially birds, in their natural habitat. Many vessels cross the mangroves and continue their journey until reaching the coral reefs near Isla Mujeres, ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.

In Nichupté you can also carry out other activities, such as sports fishing and kayak routes, and if you are more adventurous, you may wish to try water skiing – it all depends on how much adrenaline you want to feel! If you are travelling with your partner and wish to have a romantic experience, don’t hesitate to take the trip by boat at night.

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