Five photos that you really should take at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

Sept. 12, 2019, 3:13 p.m.

Once you find yourself relaxing and enjoying the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa, take full advantage of the fun opportunities that are available for you. We have a few suggestions for you: search for a lovely spot—somewhere pleasing to your eye—, pick up your phone, admire the view and soak up the sensation of being surrounded by such beauty. Ready for your photo session? Live for the moment, feel the moment, and relax—the shot is all yours.
Here we suggest 5 beautiful places where you might take that dream-photo, and show off just a little bit on social media.

Not sure where to begin? The Lazy River is an excellent option!

1.- The Lazy river
Immerse yourself in our relaxing Lazy River, and get to know our stunning facilities while you rest on a floating raft. Ideal for that photo full of colour and magic for posting on Instagram to make you the envy of all your friends.
Just be yourself, enjoy those gentle breezes, feel good about yourself, remember that your photos of Riviera Maya reflect something eternal, so go ahead, take a few shots, and make your Instagram page the centre of attention.

2.- Mayan Ruins
Do not forget to visit our beautiful Mayan Ruins, where you will be able to take away a picture against a backdrop of turquoise sea and the gorgeous colours of the sky, one of the most beautiful sights of our culture. You will immerse in a piece of ancestral history, and no doubt you will fall in love with such riches, just as we have. Imagine this beautiful photo on your Facebook page.

3- Hammock Zone
Now is the time to feel yourself part of nature—smile for the camera while relaxing in a hammock. Feel the sea breezes on your skin, and show your friends how utterly relaxed you are in our resort; if you are looking for the photo that reflects the best of holiday breaks, then this is the place. Spontaneity is the order of the day!
We can tell that you are starting to get excited! Those around you will feel closer to you and share your pleasure when they see your updates on your Instagram stories, with the places you visit, as well as all the details that help you reminisce your stay at the Grand Sirenis.

4.- Sunset in the Caribbean
Furthermore, if you want to capture the sunset while enjoying its beauty as you relax in a cosy lounge chair and chat with your family, check out any of our swimming pools, take advantage of the myriad colours, put your sunglasses on, smile and pose for your next profile photo.

5 - Themed restaurants
Definitely to be one of your most precious memories. If you are a real foodie, you should not miss the chance to take the best of photos in one of our themed restaurants or buffets. The delicious dishes we prepare for you will be a perfect match with that broad smile on your face.
So, do we have a plan? Are you ready? Let’s go, capture the magic and keep it not only in your memories but also in your heart.

Never forget to be yourself, and remember that the most spontaneous photos are those that may pass us by. Be part of a new story, moments that will make your holiday the most enjoyable. So, put your phone in selfie mode, smile, focus on your favourite place and say ‘cheese’—another photo for your profile. Get ready for the adventure that is out there waiting for you in this wonderful place.

You will love it!

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