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An ordinary day at grand sirenis Punta Cana

An ordinary day at grand sirenis Punta Cana
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10:30h time to exercise. Stick with the pace set by our Super animation team. They will keep you moving with an endless list of activities. There are activities for everyone: dancing, water aerobics, swimming, competitions, kids’ club activities, and more. Keep up the movement! After a good session of activity for the day, let’s get our reward. Go to our beach and swimming pools and relax in our hammocks while you revive from your fitness session with a delicious smoothie.


12:30h it’s time to go to the Bohio snack bar. Have a delicious cocktail along with your favourite snack and relax in the lush nature at your favourite spot. You won’t be able to resist getting out your phone to take the best selfies for your stories with your own #SirenisExperiences

13:30h Now it’s time for lunch! You can choose between our buffets and snack bar, where you’ll find a wide selection of international and national dishes. After tasting the best cuisine and enjoying the delicious recipes created by our chefs, we suggest you go to one of the most entertaining places at Grand Sirenis Punta Cana: our famous Sirenis Aquagames water park.

14:30h Slide towards fun! We know that on family holidays you need time for everything. That’s why we want to give you the gift of laughter and fun at our water park with slides, swimming pools, a pirate game, and more.

16:00h Workout time! While your little ones enjoy themselves at the kids’ club, we suggest you take the time to work out at our full gym, equipped with the latest technology.

17:00h Snack time! After a hard workout and fun for the little ones at the Kids’ Club, it’s time for an afternoon snack. Come to our coffee shop, where we offer you a different option for every afternoon with our coffee, ice creams, assorted sweets and much more! Only suitable for those with a sweet tooth!

18:00h Shopping time! It’s time to check out the shops at Grand Sirenis Punta Cana and choose from among the wide selection of items to take home a nice souvenir of your trip to the Caribbean. You’ll never forget your #SirenisExperiences!

19:00h Pre-dinner cocktail time. We have a selection of bars available to you: La Pergola, La Pirámide….

20:00h Dinner time! Time to choose! Choose between dining at one of our buffets with themed nights or at one of our themed restaurants: the American Route 66, the film buff’s dream at the Italian Cinecittà, the exotic rodizio at La Gira Rodizio, the oriental Japanese Ikebana, the delicious Mediterranean-style Las Barcas and the romantic Le Relais Gourmand. You can try them all!

21:30h Let the show begin! Let’s all go to the theatre. Every night there is a new show at our theatre—shows that will entertain the whole family.

22:30h Let’s all go to the Plaza! A different atmosphere awaits every night at the Plaza. Let yourself get carried away by the rhythm of our singers. Enjoy live music from our Plaza, which is lit up in an original and fun way, to make your Caribbean nights shine.

00:00h Sleeping Beauty... or a Party Animal? For our sleeping beauties... After a full day of fun, it’s time to rest in our tropical-style room because after a day full of experiences, we need to recharge our batteries to enjoy the next day in this Dominican Republic paradise.

For the party animals, keep the party going! Showcase the rhythm running through your veins at our nightclub. Enjoy a great night filled with dance, lights and laughter.

Tomorrow, you can have a morning siesta on the beach. Switch off and go on holiday, you deserve it! And if you’ve just got back from holiday, book your next holiday now because there’s no one who needs a holiday more than someone who has just been on one.