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Love is in the Air en Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

Love is in the Air en Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya
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1. How did the idea to organise weddings professionally come about?
I always liked the idea of hosting my own birthday parties, or arranging get-togethers for certain occasions, so I liked organising ever since I was little; however, it wasn’t until university that I had a class on event organisation and became much more interested in understanding how to start from scratch and create incredible things. In this class, together with other classmates, I had the opportunity to hold a large event that involved not just the people in my class, but everyone at the university, and even people from outside the university. Creating this event helped me enormously in understanding that this was something I wanted to pursue, and bit by bit, with preparation and prior jobs, I immersed myself in this world of planning and organisation.


2. What qualities do you believe are most important for being a good wedding planner and wedding officiant?
Passion, empathy, organisation, vision, energy, good management of emotions, communication, commitment and creativity.


3. What’s it like preparing on the day of the wedding or renewal of vows?
We’re a strong team, so we accomplish all of our tasks as a team. We call all the teams involved in the wedding to a meeting and let them know what we need from each of them, so that everything runs according to plan. We also check the location, we review the weather forecast (in the event of rain, we have to inform the bride that we will move the location to plan B), we visit the bride to deliver her personal flowers to see how she’s doing and whether she has any additional requests.


4. What’s the most common problem when organising a wedding?
We usually face the following two: The budget versus the desire. I think that in the majority of weddings where the families have a lot to say, or when they get overly involved in the wedding, is where problems can crop up, and oftentimes the couple ends up doing what the parents or parents-in-law want and not what they themselves want


5. What makes a wedding unique?
I think that each couple is unique, and this is what makes every wedding different and one-of-a-kind, so each of them will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. At the same time, I also believe that the openness and willingness of the couple to enjoy their big day also plays a major role.


6. What words would you use to describe your work as wedding organisers?
Love for the love of others, devotion towards each couple, understanding for the bride’s moments of frustration, support and preparedness for unexpected changes, positivity and confidence at all times.


7. What services do you offer at a wedding?
Everything from location, officiant, food, drink, live music, entertainment, furniture, flowers, lighting, memories, cake, hostess, DJ, MC, and even spa treatments to pamper our couples.


8. How many weddings have been held at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya to date
A lot of weddings are held at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya – we don’t have the exact figure, but almost 700 weddings have taken place. Love is in the air!


9. What sets a wedding at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya apart from other venues?
We offer an outstanding location where the beaches create the perfect setting for immortalising your ceremony and party in photos, as well as our quality to price ratio and, most importantly, we are a team that loves what we do and we convey this in our work.


10. What’s the most special wedding you’ve ever organised?
I think all weddings have something special and unique that distinguishes them from others.