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12 Musts in Punta Cana

12 Musts in Punta Cana
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What idyllic dream does the Caribbean not appear in?


Blue skies, endless beaches, leafy palms and our five star Gran Sirenis Punta Cana Resort ensure that you'll have everything you need. Forget your worries and let yourself be pampered for a few days in the real heart of the Caribbean.  


But at Punta Cana there is much more. Once you settle in, there are a variety of fun options available to you. Here, we suggest the 12 musts that you can't miss.


Whale watching in Samaná bay 

One of the most spectacular places in the Dominican Republic where you can embark on an excursion to see humpback whales in their natural habitat. More than 3,000 of them come to the place to give birth or find a partner.


Punta Cana Carnival
It is celebrated on the second Saturday of March in the main avenue of Punta Cana Village , which is filled with colourful parades, with big-headed demons and silk costumes dancing to the rhythm of bachatas and meringues.


Visit the "Hoyo Azul" Cenote 
Cenotes are wells or deep water caverns that are usually found in tropical forests. Hoyo Azul is at the base of a giant cliff in the middle of the jungle and is formed by an incredible natural pool of turquoise waters. An unrepeatable bathing experience. Nearby you have another attraction: a unique zip line anchored on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, with a flight of 1,500 metres over the trees.


Activities on sea and land
Diving, snorkeling, kayaking through mangroves, and catamaran or dune buggy trips... the choice is yours. The idyllic surroundings will make it easy for you: secluded beaches, leafy rivers, picturesque reefs, islands with fine white sand. Everything is waiting for you to choose from.


Creole cuisine 
Discover a new sensation for your palate. An African, Taina and Spanish gastronomic fusion that has created a multitude of dishes with their own specialties in each area, from the coast to the interior. Treat yourself to a Sancocho, the most characteristic dish of the country, or order seafood or fresh fish in a beach bar, finished off with desserts such as sweet potato bread or Chinola (passion fruit) juice.


Visit to Catalina Island
A dream place in the Caribbean Sea with paradisiacal pristine beaches of white sand and calm crystal clear waters. Immerse yourself in its underwater world: sponges, coral reefs, colorful fish, wrecks ... Unmissable.


Saona Island 
In the middle of the natural park, it is one of the largest islands and it has mile long beaches with thousands of palm trees and caves to discover. Dreamlike bathing areas and relaxing walks along the shores and typical fishing villages like Mano Juan. 


Los Haitises Natural Park 
At the Samaná bay, a jungle area full of caves, mangroves, peculiar hills ("mogotes") and a spectacular flora and fauna await you. The ideal place to approach the Taíno culture, a pre-Columbian town that left an interesting pictographic legacy in its caves.


Manatí Park
A fabulous experience for the whole family in which you can discover the local fauna such as parrots, crocodiles, monkeys and sea lions. And also dolphin shows with trainers, Taino dances, folk activities, shopping. In short, a perfect day.


Tobacco Museum 
It doesn't matter if you smoke or not. It is one of the most interesting places to find out firsthand the craftsmanship of the famous Dominican cigar. Located in the city of Higüey, the museum explains about the cultivation, harvesting and processing of tobacco, completely free of charge. And at the end of the visit, if you feel like it, you can try one of the cigars and drink a glass of the typical Mamajuana liquor.


Visit to the Chavón River
An old pirate hideaway and means of transport for the precious jungle wood, Chavón River invites you to explore its waters and discover its natural treasures including water birds like the falcon fisherman, freshwater turtles and lush vegetation.


The capital, Santo Domingo
Cosmopolitan Caribbean awaits you with the charm of colonial architecture, world heritage, and a lot of points of interest such as the Ozama fortress, the oldest in America.