Grand Sirenis San Andrés


The Grand Sirenis San Andrés is located in Paseo Newball, in front of the Toninos Marina, a prime location that is full of life, where you can lose yourself among the shops, bars, restaurants and smart nightclubs.

Surrounded by beaches and turquoise waters, the island of San Andrés is blessed with summer temperatures all year round. We call it the Colombian Caribbean Paradise. The island is very small, just 26 km2, and so very easy to get around.

You'll love it because...

  • San Andrés is one of the most beautiful paradises of the Colombian Caribbean, thanks to its beaches, and to the different intensities of blues in its waters, popularly known as ‘the sea of 7 colours’.
  • A tropical climate Throughout the year temperatures range between 26 °C and 30 °C, rarely falling below 25 °C, or rising above 31 °C.
  • The unmistakeable flavours of the local Raizal cuisine, a table loaded with fresh fish and delicious tropical fruit... rondón, fish balls, red snapper, snails, lobster, or crab served with coconut, yucca and yam, and for dessert breadfruit, dumplings, cocadas and coconut balls are just a few examples.
  • Shopping is always a good option, as San Andrés is the largest tax-free port in Colombia. You will find shops selling handicrafts that reflect the celebrated Raizal culture: ceramics, glassware, jewellery, etc. And there are shopping centres where you can buy top-brand products tax free.

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Grand Sirenis San Andrés


Grand Sirenis San Andrés

Avenida Newball Carrera 1 - Frente al Muelle Toninos Marina

880001 - San Andrés - Colombia

(+57) 3134491411
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