Sian Ka´an

Sian Ka’an is one of the most important Nature Reserves in Riviera Maya, one of the few unspoiled areas ideal for exploring the true natural beauty of Mexico. This place has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1987 and it is no surprise, considering its amazing beauty.

Here we find beaches which are very different from the style of Playa del Carmen, as they have maintained their unspoiled appearance, and have restricted access in some areas. They remain as they were when they were found by the first conquistadors who arrived on the American continent.

One of the main attractions of the coast of Sian Ka’an is its enormous coral reef, the second largest of its type after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Diving in its turquoise waters is a pleasure, as the great biodiversity that thrives here is a spectacle to behold. The other great attraction is that there is barely any sign of human presence, other than the CESIAK ecological complex which offers recommended routes, as well as being the only establishment to stay overnight or have a meal on the coast of the park.

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