Bávaro, one of the most important tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, is a town which was first conceived of as a home for workers from Punta Cana. However, the constant economic growth of the area has made Bávaro into another tourist attraction, especially thanks to its proximity to the legendary Playa Bávaro beach. Currently, in addition to being the home of many hotel employees in the region, residential complexes have also been constructed for visitors, making it easy to find all kinds of services.

Bávaro is found in the north region of Punta Cana, being the point of entry to several of the most important beaches in the country on the renowned Costa del Coco. Being frequented by so much tourism, in Bávaro we find hotels, restaurants, a shopping centre, and above all, nightclubs for enjoying the Dominican nights, notably Imagine, Mangú and the renowned Pacha nightclub, present around the world. Another place of interest is the Manatí Park, an incredible waterpark which allows you to discover the marine and land fauna of the region and enjoy its exotic gardens.

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