Humpback whale watching

The Bay of Samaná, located in the north-east of the country, is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the whole Dominican Republic, especially in the coastal region of the Haitises National Park, a must-visit for nature lovers. This is where one of the most spectacular activities offered on the island can be carried out: humpback whale watching in their natural habitat, an unforgettable memory for any visitor.

Each year, from December to April, over 3000 humpback whales (mostly from the North Atlantic population) approach this natural sanctuary to give birth to their young and find partners to reproduce with. The warm Dominican waters are the perfect place for these creatures, and due to this, their presence in the Bay of Samaná will be visible thanks to the incredible jumps of the males, weighing over 40 tonnes, to court the females, and the unmistakeable whale song that will resonate throughout Samaná. It is a natural spectacle in which you can participate in the front row thanks to this bay being protected as a sanctuary for these creatures since 1986.

The excursions available for whale watching guarantee that you will see whales and take charge of transporting clients, as well as food and an excursion in the area to discover the charms of the landscape of this part of the country. A biologist will of course accompany the excursion to answer any questions about these incredible animals.

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