Creole gastronomy

Creole gastronomy is a combination and reflection of African, Taino and Spanish influences, which have substantially affected the development of Dominican society and culture. It is an experience for the senses and especially for the palate.

The culinary specialities of the Dominican Republic vary depending on the region. Inland, the main ingredients and products used to create Creole delicacies are rice, meat, beans, vegetables and condiments such as chicken stock, tomato paste and liquid seasoning. One of the most typical and traditional dishes is Sancocho, a Creole dish of meat, root vegetables and pulses. It is accompanied by rice, yucca and banana. It is possibly the most popular and representative food of Dominican cuisine. This delicious stew is prepared for special occasions. Additionally, desserts are always present. Confectionary is a great tradition in this Caribbean country, such as coconut candies and sweet potato bread, a delicious, very popular dessert, made from sweet potato, milk, coconut, eggs and butter.

Conversely, the cuisine prepared on the coast contains all the essence and flavour of the Caribbean Sea, as along the coast we find small fishing villages such as Bayahibe and Boca de Yuma. The most commonly served dish in the beach bars and restaurants is grilled fish and seafood, caught by fishermen from the area. Lambí, the queen conch, is an example of this seafood, and it is easy to see them in the waters surrounding the colourful houses of Bayahibe. Shellfish is also a delicacy, a tasty example being lobster with garlic sauce.

Have you heard of Chinola juice? This is the name by which passion fruit is known in the Dominican Republic and it is one of the best ways to refresh yourself in the tropical heat.

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