Playa Arena Blanca

Between Playa Bávaro and Playa Macao, at the north of the Dominican Republic, we find another earthly paradise known as Playa Arena Blanca, which as its name (White Sand Beach) indicates, has an immense, immaculate white sand bank, its waters, therefore, being incredibly clear and inviting you to swim in them. Of course, we also find the ever-present coconut palms which complete this beautiful Caribbean picture postcard.

Naturally, many hotels have found a perfect location on its shores, having access to it (although access is possible without being a guest), but once you reach the shore, you will see that it is far from the tourist hustle and bustle, without any businesses on the beachfront, helping to preserve the beautiful Caribbean landscape. As usual on this coast, the place is ideal for practicing water sports, sunbathing in a hammock, or simply being immersed in the beauty of this unparalleled location. It is a perfect place for children and adults to enjoy the essence of the Caribbean. To access it, you will have to follow the roads which lead to the Costa del Coco region, found past Playa Bávaro to the north-east.

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