Twiins, the hotel that connects you with Ibiza


Dec. 27, 2019, 2:15 p.m.

Sirenis Hotels and Resorts have launched a new type of hotel that places it at the forefront of the industry. Twiins is an innovative concept focused on cutting-edge technology that will provide the guest with a global and interactive vision of the huge natural and cultural heritage of Ibiza.

Sirenis have opted for a much more personalised approach to the guest's holiday experience. It's often said that there's an Ibiza for each person and that the island boasts an array of hidden corners, treasures and potentials that attract very different visitor profiles. Sirenis has taken this one step further with Twiins. Because with Twiins the guest decides how and where they want to enjoy the Ibizan experience.

The development features twin buildings christened Joy and Life, which recreate different atmospheres: Joy is inspired by the cheerful and open-minded character of Ibizans and Life boasts a chic and cosmopolitan personality. In the heart is The Core, where the life of the hotel unfolds, transforming as the day turns into night.

The Core commands panoramic views of the beach and the island of Formentera and has a soul filled with the authentic essence of hedonistic pleasure: state-of-the-art pools and rooms, fun and laid-back cuisine, and vast open spaces for yoga, dancing, interactive shows or live music.
Inside the towers, the 495 rooms of Twiins are designed to connect with your effervescent and positive self. Friendly colours and tones, sumptuous textures, stylised designs and state-of-the-art technology focus on guarantee comfort and wellness for the guest. In line with the philosophy of tailoring to each guest profile, the list of room types available at Twiins is enriched with new ad hoc categories: Life Double Sea View, with sweeping and uninterrupted horizons; Solarium, with exclusive daybeds on its sun deck; Upper Level, with a premium atmosphere and private terrace; Individual, just for you; Joy Junior Suite, 55-63 m² with panoramic views from king size beds and exclusive access to the Upper Level; Life Premium, rooms up to 48 m² with mesmerising views; and last but not least, Life Suite, 67 m² packed with exclusivity and comfort, with hot tub and Upper Level access.

Dining at Twiins is also truly unique. From the über-cool food of its Foodie Truck, inspired by street kitchens around the world, to The Upper Level, the exclusive proposal in our privileged watchtower. Other eateries include the Med-influenced La Cascada, El Embarcadero and La Sal, new-style buffet restaurants with ever-changing proposals, or spaces for drinks, cold or hot, such as Life, Joy or Healthy Point, specialised in teas, infusions, juices and smoothies. All facets of Ibiza are savoured day and night at the gastro spaces of Twiins.

Corporate events and private celebrations will find the perfect setting in the generous spaces of Twiins. Rooms for up to four hundred people, fully equipped with technology and services and with the advice of own event coordinators.

Among this universe of physical proposals is the cornerstone of the most innovative virtual experience for the Twiins guest: IbizaScope. Or what could be described more colloquially as a container of experiences to explore the most authentic Ibiza. With IbizaScope, the guest will connect directly with all the essences of Ibiza, with its history, its culture, its hidden corners, its nightlife and its people. At your fingertips you'll have a 360° experience that will cover all the sides of the multifaceted personality of an island as fascinating as it is magical and surprising. Activities, retail therapy, culture, leisure, landscapes, beaches, stories... With IbizaScope the experience of the most authentic Ibiza is guaranteed.

For the guest who wants to live intensely, the guest who wishes to be the first to see, try and touch something new, or the guest who feels passion for the Ibizan experience, Twiins will be the must-visit place in summer 2020. Connect with Ibiza, connect with Twiins and book online on The Ibiza Twiins website.

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