World Water Day: How can you be a responsible traveler in the Riviera Maya?


Feb. 14, 2020, 12:51 p.m.

Water is an essential element for life on Earth. It is a source of life and our world would be barren and desolate like the other planets in our Solar System without it.
Although 70% of the Earth is covered in water, the WHO has determined that just 2% is drinkable water. This is why the UN declared 22 March as the World Water Day in 1992 to encourage responsible use.

We should all take care of and protect this element. Our existence depends on it. This is why we want to begin this post by recommending the following activities in the Riviera Maya, so you can join us in our commitment to care for the environment, and for water in particular, to continue being a responsible tourist.
Avoid leaving trash on the beaches of the Riviera Maya (cans, glasses, cigarette butts, bags, diapers, etc.). This waste eventually makes its way into the ocean, harming fish, turtles, and other species.

Only use biodegradable sun screen or insect repellents. It’s preferable to use them when you are not planning to get into the water (ocean or cenotes) or put them on once you’ve gone for a dip.
When asked if you’d like “popote” (drinking straws), always say NO. Although they may seem harmless, these small plastic tubes end up in the oceans, rivers, lakes, and lagoons, asphyxiating the wild life in these places or creating actual plastic islands that float around. At Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, we don’t have any sort of “popote” or drinking straws as a way of protecting the environment.
Try to reuse the glass of your favorite cocktail at Grand Sirenis or ask the waiter to reuse the glass. This will save water from washing glasses over and over again.

Close the water faucet while you are lathering up and when you don’t need it any more.
At Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya we are committed to saving water, so we encourage our guests to reuse their towels and leave them in the designated spot for housekeeping to clean them when they are actually dirty.

Starfish, conch shells, shells, and sand found on the beach belong to the ocean, not in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Don’t purchase or take home anything but photos and store-bought objects!
We have to keep in mind that Earth belongs to all of us. It is not about living off its resources, but in harmony with them. Visit Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, enjoy your stay and go back home knowing that you played a part in the protection of our environment!

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