Tips Family Holidays with Sirenis Hotels & Resorts


April 25, 2019, 10:53 a.m.

There's nothing better than travelling as a family, a unique opportunity to dedicate time to the most important people and to create lifelong memories. At Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, one of our top priorities is for our guests travelling as a family to find the comfort and services needed for kids and adults to enjoy their holiday.

But ... what should we consider before setting off on a family trip?
Here are some tips:

What should we pack?
The beach is the star attraction at all our resorts and hotels, so it is essential that you pack enough swimsuits for the kids for every day of your stay and very very important: sun cream.

Why is it good to travel as a family?
For both adults and children, discovering new places gives an opportunity to start a conversation and always have an interesting story to share. Travelling teaches kids about new cultures and different ways of life, making them more open-minded. Also, it helps create stronger family ties. "A family that travels together stays together"

Don't forget the kids travel documents
Although it might seem obvious, it is very important that little ones travel with all their documentation in order. Your Family Record Book is not a valid document for a minor to fly; they'll need a National Identification Document or Passport. Find out in advance about the visas and documentation they need to enter each country and, above all, how long it takes to get them.

How do we organise our stay with children?
Both in Ibiza and the Caribbean, our staff can advise you about a multitude of family-friendly activities that you can all enjoy. Zip lines, horse riding, snorkelling, ... We recommend that you try all these activities, but also have some relaxing days at the resorts, leaving plenty of time for the kids to eat and rest as needed, depending on their age. Keep in mind that children have a different rhythm than adults. Agree in advance which places to visit and be aware if their patience is wearing thin.

Should the children be vaccinated to travel to the Caribbean?

Although, in principle, no vaccinations are required to travel to the Caribbean, it is recommended to be up to date on vaccinations against diseases found across the world (hepatitis A, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, rubella and mumps), as well as against typhoid fever, a disease with frequent outbreaks in the region.

What will the kids find at Sirenis Hotels & Resorts?
Both our family resorts in Ibiza and the Caribbean have the ideal facilities for children to explore, learn, laugh and enjoy during their holidays. In addition, there's nothing like our water parks to have a little extra fun: Sirenis Aquagames Ibiza is open to all guests and visitors of Sirenis Seaview Country Club and Sirenis Hotel Club Aura, in Port des Torrent, Ibiza. Here you'll find multiple slides aimed at all ages, swimming pools for babies, a children's area inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean with barrels of water and slides and a huge structure with several slides for the bravest children and adults.

There's more of the same at Sirenis Aquagames Punta Cana, a water park located next to Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort where the youngest guests will find all the entertainment they need in the Dominican Republic. Here, as in Ibiza, you'll find slides suitable for all ages spread over 12,000 square meters of water fun: the best entertainment to combat the heat of the Caribbean. After you've gone down all the slides at Sirenis Aquagames Punta Cana, the kids can visit the "Master Chef" space. This attraction offers workshops especially designed for kids where they can learn to make cookies, pizzas and other delicious treats.

At Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya, children can explore the Mayan culture as well as the local flora and fauna on the trails around the hotel. On these trails, they'll delight in meeting small mammals that are totally harmless and accustomed to human contact. It will be your favourite photo!

In addition, at both Punta Cana and Riviera Maya, a foam party is held every two weeks (on Sundays at Punta Cana and on Saturdays at Riviera Maya). As you can see, guaranteed fun that's non-stop all through the day, and continues into the night! At our Caribbean resorts, kids can enjoy our special evening shows. Child friendly and very fun.

Are there special menus for children?
At all our family resorts, the little ones will be delighted with the wide range of dishes prepared especially for them. At our buffets, you'll find a special corner for kids with all of their favourite food. In addition, they can always enjoy their favourite ice cream and sweets on the dessert counters you'll find at the buffets.

Enjoy a family holiday at Sirenis Hotels & Resorts! Visit our website and explore our full range of family rooms.

What's more, kids stay for free at many of our resorts! Take a look at all our offers and choose the one that suits you best.

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