Sustainable tourism


July 24, 2019, 4:47 p.m.

Tourism contributes to the development of idyllic places in the world, we encourage you to know a little more about it.

How much do we know about sustainable tourism? Tourism is an important factor for the development of paradisiac places around the world, let's focus on a particular area to talk about, the Caribbean. After analysing the situation in Mexico and Punta Cana, Sirenis Hotels & Resorts understands the need to prioritise information so that every tourist that enjoys our beaches, cares and protects them too. Therefore, trending interest in the environment can help the valuation and growth of our cultural heritage.

So, let's delve a little deeper into the topic. Sustainable tourism is tourism that follows the principles of sustainability, minimising impact on the environment and local culture, while contributing to generate income and employment for the local population.

It may be complex to differentiate the terms sustainable and eco. But nevertheless; There are great differences between the two. Sustainable implies the satisfaction of human needs, impacting the natural and cultural resources of a locality as little as possible. In this way, it is intended to maintain balance for future generations and ensure social and environmental welfare. On the other hand, eco-tourism is the process by which the preservation of natural resources is sought without looking at the cultural, social or economic affections that this may lead to.

With the concepts clarified, we can get into the topic: tourism in the Caribbean. At the moment diverse efforts are being undertaken to obtain true sustainability throughout the area. The intention of this article is to invite you to join the cause on your next holiday. When all is said and done, no action is too small when it comes to caring for our planet.

Just as Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is committed to sustainability, the area itself has also done so. The truth is that locals, tourists and businesses have managed to preserve the beautiful Caribbean beaches, both in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Do you see how everything is linked? Even your holidays can transcend from a leisure trip to one of action that promotes culture and boosts the economy in general.

If you want to follow the path towards sustainability, join the adventure will be enough and discover all the wonderful features that our complex does. Afterwards, you will only have the task of resting. So look for your sunglasses and take advantage of every resource you have in your hands.

Walking through the heart of Playa del Carmen or Akumal in Mexico or through the wonderful and warm Uvero Alto in Punta Cana whilst feeling the warmth of the people is a detail that will make your trip unforgettable. So don't let fatigue stop you, take a well-deserved rest.

The Caribbean not only offers beautiful beaches, high quality restaurants and beautiful views, but also a community conducive to sustainability. Thanks to the support of all of the inhabitants and visitors, less natural resources are being used every day, preserving the indigenous culture and protecting the destinations so that they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

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