Interview with Estel and Marc, from: “el mon a la mà”


Jan. 13, 2020, 4:48 p.m.

After a visit from one of our favourite influencer couples, here you have the interview we did with this pair of travellers where they tell us more about their trips, and give us some recommendations.

1. Tell us, what was it that made you start out on this great adventure "El món a la mà"?
Well, we’d each been thinking about a long trip like this since even before
we met. We´d been wanting to travel for a year or two to
see the world, and when we’d been together for four years we were finally able to
make our dream become a reality, thanks to work and life circumstances. We were so lucky that we’d both
wanted to do this before we met, because it meant that all we needed to do was to find the right moment, and then go for it.

2. How did you choose where to go on your travels?
We decided on a basic route before we set off. From west to east, and always trying to follow
the summer and the sunshine. This meant that we didn’t need to take so much luggage, as well
as having good weather for most of our two-year trip. We followed
the whole of the route, although more slowly than we’d initially planned, and we added countries and places along the way.

3. What do you like best about your website “el mon a la mà”, and about being influencers in general?
We love it when people ask us things, and are interested, not only in our trip, but
in the quirks and the ins and outs of each of the places we’ve visited as well. We make
lots of recommendations, and we like to see people following them, it’s really satisfying.

4. What do you miss most about home?
The right thing would be to say family and friends, but to be honest
they came out to visit us and we talked to them a lot. What we really
missed was definitely the food. There are places in the world where you can eat really well,
but you always miss the food from back home.

5. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive somewhere new?
If we haven’t already decided before we get there,
we plan what we’d like to see, do and visit over the days we’ll be staying there.
We look up information about places, we read about other travellers’ experiences, and then decide
how to organise things so that we can fit everything in, although very often
in the end it doesn’t all work out exactly as planned.

6. What’s the must have item in your luggage?
The camera. We take a few cameras: an SLR, a GoPro for underwater shots
and a drone. We often use our mobiles too, depending on the occasion.

7. What place really stood out for you?
That’s the million dollar question! Everyone asks us that. We always answer that
we can’t name a single place. It’s impossible for one place to have absolutely everything. Depending on what
you’re looking for, there are places that are great to stay in, others that have great food, there are countries
with stunning scenery and others with a fascinating culture or wonderful beaches. After visiting 40 countries in 27 months we could say that New Zealand, Japan, the US, Sri
Lanka, Myanmar and Chile are possibly those that really stand out for us.

8. What did you like best about the Grand Sirenis Punta Cana?
The facilities in general, the very clean, well cared for beach and the people, the
friendliness of the staff. We felt really comfortable there.

9. Of the themed restaurants, which one was your favourite during your stay at the Grand Sirenis?
We tried almost all of them, and really liked several, but our favourite, and the one we went back to, was the French one, "Le Relais Gourmand".

10. Tell us about a really unique experience you’ve had while staying with us, something that’s different to anywhere else you’ve been.
Dinner on the last day, without a doubt. Nothing better than a private dinner of
delicious lobster right on the beachfront to say goodbye. Music, candlelight and a incredibly romantic atmosphere. It was

11. Who got most scared at our Sirenis Aquagames, and who got the biggest adrenaline rush?
We love water parks, we really enjoyed ourselves. Estel is the bold one
in terms of adrenaline rushes! It’s a great place to spend the afternoon, especially
with kids.

12. Is there a song that reminds you of your stay in Punta Cana?
We heard RITMO by the Black Eyed Peas for the first time there, and it brings back
that feeling of summer, and good fun.

13. How would you sum up the Grand Sirenis Punta Cana in just one sentence?
It’s an ideal place for a holiday, for couples, families or friends.

14. Which of the evening shows was your favourite?
The stage shows, we’d say the 90s one. We had
a great time at the karaoke that was organised in the evening too.

15. How would you describe the ‘Taino experience’ here?
A really good way of getting to understand the country’s cultural legacy, through dance,
history and food. A warm welcome and a sense of the Taina culture, with a
well reconstructed village and a short explanation on the way to the entrance.

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