Sirenis Hotels & Resorts: Safety and Hygiene Protocols


May 15, 2021, 12:11 p.m.

Following the protocols and recommended response measures from the relevant authorities, we at Sirenis Hotels & Resorts have adopted a series of measures to reduce the risk of transmission of all our customers and employees. These measures apply to both customers and employees and can be summarised in the following points:

Risk control

  • A risk management team has been created, led by hotel management.
  • The team will ensure that everyone complies with internal protocols and the regulations established by the health authorities.
  • This group is the liaison with the health authorities should a customer become infected before or during their stay, or if an employee becomes infected at any time.
  • Body temperature checks have been set up for customers and employees, as well as a specific response protocol should anyone’s temperature be found to exceed normal levels.
  • Personal hygiene rules and recommendations have been established for customers and employees, which will be communicated to everyone via new signage and internal information channels.

Cleaning of hotel rooms and common areas

  • The protocols and products to be used have been adapted to the regulation established by the health authorities with the aim of minimising risk.
  • Hand sanitiser stations have been set up in the various areas of the hotel facilities (reception, bathroom entrances/exits, lifts, stairs, dining room, etc.).
  • Common areas are cleaned more frequently, in accordance with the new protocols.
  • Hotel rooms are always cleaned without customers present, while using the personal protective equipment established by the protocol.
  • When washing fabrics, the appropriate products and temperatures are being used to minimise risk as much as possible.

Food and drink

  • Specific protocols to minimise risk have been developed for each job function.
  • Employees who come into contact with customers and with food and drink use the personal protective equipment indicated for each case by the protocol or the regulation established by the health authorities.
  • Measures to ensure frequent hand washing have been implemented, such as putting up additional signage in public bathrooms and hand sanitiser dispensers at restaurant entrances.
  • Wherever possible, customer seating will be coordinated with the head waiter.
  • Hand sanitiser gel has been placed at various fixed points throughout the restaurant: buffet plate area and terrace entry/exit (if the dining room has one).
  • Posters have been put up to inform customers about the hygienic measures that are being adopted, particularly at the entrance and in areas where customers will need to wait to be served, emphasising that the measures are to protect everyone’s safety.

Social distancing

  • Capacities have been limited in customer and employee common areas to ensure that safety distances are respected.
  • In the restaurants, capacities are being managed by increasing opening hours according to the needs of each situation and each product.
  • Markers have been placed on the floor or other protection measures will be implemented to maintain safety distances in common areas and restaurants.
  • The tables and sunshades on the terraces and pool areas have been rearranged in accordance with recommendations from the health authorities.


  • Employees receive extra training on the response protocol for each area.
  • Our employees are provided with the personal protective equipment that is necessary for their position, in accordance with recommendations from the health authorities.
  • All suppliers must strictly comply with the protocols established by Sirenis Hotels & Resorts and by the health authorities.

This protocol outlines the operational standards that may or will need to be implemented at any point due to changes indicated by the health authorities.

We know that everyone is going through an exceptional time right now, and we want to reassure everyone who is planning on travelling and enjoying their holiday, when they are able to do so, that their safety and well-being are always our number one priority. We want to give you peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your experience at our hotels.

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