5 places in Ibiza you can't miss


May 27, 2019, 4:03 p.m.

Without a doubt. You want to come to Ibiza. The White Island. A crystal-clear water paradise. There's plenty of reasons to visit its many attractions, from the cuisine to the landscape, its casual air and the new hippy-chic bohemian atmosphere. But in this section, we suggest five corners so that your trip is filled with the charm of the authentic Ibizan coves.

We start with the Cala d'en Serra. Located in the municipality of Sant Joan, this beautiful cove is embedded in the cliffs of the Portinatx area, in the north of the island. Its shores are formed by a mixture of sand and stone. The more accessible side is on the other end of the cliff and offers beautiful views of the pine forests of the surrounding mountains. It is accessed by an unpaved road, on a steep slope, which allows you to leave the car a few metres away, near an abandoned structure. In the cove you will be able to appreciate different boathouses and a small cabana where you can cool off or eat something. The waters invite you to take a dip and cross the tiny cove and another smaller one to the right. The atmosphere is relaxed and very pleasant, away from the summer vortex.

Take a giant step and jump to the other side of the island, to the municipality of Sant Josep, to discover another little charming corner. It is called Racó d'en Xic, and it is a spectacular section of the coast where the sandy floorbed can be seen with such clarity that your first impulse will be to dive into its waters without further thought. Getting there is very simple. Follow the signs to the popular Platges de Comte, famous for its spectacular sunsets and the views of the prominent islets of Es Bosc, Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes and S'Espartar. Considered by many publications as one of the 10 best beaches in the world, Platges de Comte has a Racó d'en Xic as an annex something more hidden, located on your right. It has a small pier to which in summer various boats arrive from Sant Antoni and which provides access to the sea, and a cabana to complements the offerings of the place. The rocks that surround it are not very high, and you can easily get to the water.

Without leaving the municipality of Sant Josep, you can find the third suggestion: the cave of Ses Boques. To get there, you have to go to es Cubells, a picturesque town located on the heights of the clay cliffs of the same name. In front of the church, the road begins its descent that saves a drop of several tens of metres and reaches the own cove of Ses Boques. The enclave is spectacular: on the back, steep slopes support pines that defy the void; to the front, a beautiful panoramic of the bay of Es Cubells with Porroig in the background; and on its shores small rocks emerging from the sea as a Lilliputian archipelago. A very discreet and quiet corner where there is a nice beach bar to taste fresh fish and local specialties.

We moved to the municipality of Santa Eulària to discover the cove of S'Estanyol. This sheltered and beautiful corner, near the village of Jesus, has an area of sand and a small stretch of boathouses, besides having a rustic pier in the center. Due to its proximity to the city it is usually frequented by neighbours and residents of the area. You will also find a restaurant with a varied culinary offering.

Our last stop is Cala Saladeta, located in the municipality of Sant Antoni. It is the little sister of Cala Salada and has white sands and sandy bottoms that are truly irresistible. To get there, you must leave your car in the car parks and access by walking along a picturesque coastal path. It does not have a beach bar so you must provide yourself or go to the one in Cala Salada. But the effort is worth it from the beginning.

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