Frequently Asked Questions

What are the check-in & check-out times?

Room occupancy begins at 3 pm on the first day of the booked period.
Room occupancy ends at 12 pm on the day the booked period ends. The establishment will understand that the customer wishes to extend their stay by a day in the event that they do not leave the room by the time stated above.

How much is the Wi-Fi connection?

The Wi-Fi connection from your room or in the public areas of the hotel is free (2 devices/room). Please, request a password at the front desk.

Is the hotel entrance accessible for guests in wheelchairs?

Yes, the entrance has 2 automatic doors measuring 2 metres.

Is there a swimming pool towel service at the hotel?

Yes.  A deposit of 10€ is payable (in cash) for each towel. 
The deposit will not be refunded in the event of loss, removal or theft of a towel or towel receipt. Full information is available at Reception.

Does the hotel offer a late check-out service?

Yes, the hotel offers a late check-out service depending on availability at the time. At Reception you will be informed how to use this service. In the case of there being no availability for late check-out on the day of your departure, you can use the luggage room to store your luggage and use the courtesy showers to refresh yourself before leaving for the airport.
The service has an additional cost of €40 until 18:00 and €60 until 20:00.

Is smoking permitted in the hotel?

We would remind you that according to Spanish law (28/2005), it is not permited to smoke in the closed areas of the hotels, public areas, dining room, indoor bar, lounges, bedrooms and corridors. Smoking is allowen on the outdoor terrace. Currently, and due to the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, smoking is not permitted on the outdoor terrace.

How can I contact the hotel?

Please complete the contact form available on the upper section of our website.

Is access to the spa and gym available free of charge?

Access is available free of charge for all those over 16 years of age. These facilities are open for hotel guests from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00.

Are treatments and massages free?

No, treatments and massage will incur an additional charge. These must be booked in advance. Speak to the spa-reception team for more information about these services.

Can I stay in the hotel with my pet?

Animals are not permitted in the hotel, except for guide dogs who may stay with their owner.

What is the width of the door to the adapted room?

The door is 80 cm wide, and inside the room it is possible to make a 150 cm turn.

How much does the safe service cost?

All of our rooms are fully equiped with a free safe where you should deposit your documents & personal items of value. Please ensure that the safe is completely closed every time you leave you room & on the last day before you leave, please ensure that you do not forget anything in your room & leave the door to the safe open. 
The hotel does not take responsibility for any money or items of value left outside the safe. This also applies to our policy for valuable items lost, which are inside the safe, if it has not been closed correctly.

Is there a minibar in the room?

Yes, we offer a minibar with an initial supply of soft drinks (no refills provided) in our standard rooms. We offer a minibar with an initial supply of soft drinks and snacks (no refills provided) in our Solarium, Upper Level, Junior Suite, Premium and Suite rooms. If the guest requests a refill, this will be charged according to the established rate.

Is there a hair dryer in the room?

Yes, you will find a hair dryer in the bathroom.

Is there an iron and ironing board available in the room?

An iron & ironing board may be borrowed free of charge, so please see the Reception staff to arrange this.

May I request a specific room at the hotel?

We try to accommodate our clients based on the type of room selected at the time of reservation. You can email the hotel with your requests and needs. Please don't forget to include the details of your reservation. Our Reception staff will do everything possible to satisfy your wishes based on availability at the time and without guarantee of confirmation before arrival.

Is it possible to reserve a room upgrade in advance?

It is not possible to guarantee an upgrade to a superior category room before arrival at the hotel.
It is only possible to request an upgrade to a superior category room upon arrival at the hotel, and it will always depend on availability at that time.
The Reception staff will be able to check the availability and price of the upgrade upon your arrival.

Does the hotel offer room service?

You’ll find our room-service menu in your room. Contact reception to request this service between 08:00 and 22:00.

Does the hotel have a laundry service?

Yes, the laundry service is available at the hotel. If you wish to use it, complete the form in the wardrobe with the services and prices, put your clothes in the bag next to the request form, and the cleaner will remove and return it in the period indicated on the form.

Are tea and coffee facilities provided in the room?

The Life Suite room offers guests a coffee machine for tea and coffee.

What is the climate in Ibiza?

Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate. In summer, from June to September, the average temperature is 28º C and can reach 35º C. On the beautiful beaches on the island, the water temperature averages 25º C. In winter the average temperature is 20º C.

Which clothes are best in summer?

In summer, it is preferable to wear cool clothes and of course don’t forget your swimming costume! At the beginning and end of the summer season, you will need a light cover up for the evenings, and during the winter you need warm clothes.

Which sun protection factor should I use?

With the high temperatures in summer, we would advise you to use sun lotion with an average protection index of 20 to 50, especially for children. It is also recommended to avoid sunbathing between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m..

Why is there so much seaweed on the beach?

The seabed plant life endemic to the Mediterranean is very important to safeguard our beaches and the quality of the sea water. Therefore, the plant life which may accumulate at the sea edge is a natural process, although at certain times of the year in high temperatures it may produce a specific odour.

What is the currency?

In Ibiza, as in Europe, the currency is the Euro.

What is the official language?

The official languages are Spanish and Catalan; at the hotel English, French, German and Italian are also spoken.

Can I exchange currency in the hotel or withdraw money?

The hotel offers a currency-exchange service. Visit reception to request this service between 08:00 and 22:00. What’s more, you’ll also find ATMs in the hotel and surrounding area.

Can tobacco be purchased at the hotel?

No, tobacco cannot be purchased at the hotel.

Does the hotel cater for vegetarians?

Although there is not a special menu available for vegetarians, there is a wide variety of salads and different dishes suitable for vegetarians.

Is there baby food such as purée or soups?

There is a microwave in the restaurant for heating baby food; we recommend notifying the head of the restaurant of your needs.

Is there a cold dinner service available at the hotel?

On the day of arrival, guests arriving at the hotel after the dining room has closed may request a cold supper. It is necessary advance notice before the arrival day.

Is there an early breakfast service at the hotel?

If you require an early breakfast on your departure day before the restaurant is open, please see Reception before 8 pm on the previous day.

Does the hotel offer a picnic service instead of lunch or dinner?

Yes, the hotel offers picnics, which should be booked a day in advance at Reception, before 20:00h.

Does half board include lunch or dinner?

Half Board covers breakfast and the evening meal. Drinks are not included.

Is the hotel accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Although there is not a special menu for people with food intolerances, we recommend that you inform us of your needs before arriving at the hotel so that we can manage your particular case correctly. Precautions are taken for people with allergies, especially when Reception or the head of the restaurant is notified.

Is there a dress code for the hotel restaurants?

Please wear appropriate clothing to access the restaurants. It is strictly prohibited to enter barefoot, in swimwear, with wet clothes or topless.
At dinner it is recommended to dress more formally.

Do you offer special meals for diabetics?

We offer meals for diabetics and recommend getting in touch with the hotel or restaurant manager before your arrival.

Do you offer late-breakfast service?

If you’re late for breakfast, we offer a late breakfast from 10:30 to 12:00 in the La Cascada snack bar.

Are food allergies taken into consideration?

Yes, particular attention is made for guests suffering food allergies, so please advise the staff accordingly on arrival to the hotel or to the restaurant manager.

Is it safe to drink the water in the hotel?

Yes, the water is safe to drink however we would advise you not to drink from the tap.

Can we buy mineral water in the hotel?

Yes, in the bars of the hotel you can purchase mineral water and bottled drinks. You will also find 24 hour vending machines with water, soft drinks and snacks at reception.

Do you need to be vaccinated before travelling?

No vaccine is required in order to travel to Ibiza. However, we recommend checking whether or not a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is required for travel.

Is there a chemist in the hotel complex?

No, but there is one nearby.


Is there a babysitting service?

There is no babysitting service at the hotel.

Is it necessary to notify the hotel to reserve a cot? Does it have an additional cost?

If you are travelling with a baby under 2 years old, the cot will be available in your room upon arrival. This service is free.
If your baby is over 2 years old and requires a cot, the hotel must be notified, and will provide one for free, depending on availability at the time.

Is there a car hire service in the hotel?

In the area surrounding the hotel there are offices for care and motorbike hire. This service is also offered from the hotel reception.

Is there a taxi rank near the hotel?

Yes, there is a taxi rank beside the hotel. We can organise a pre-booked taxi for you, only available for travel to the port, airport or hospital.

How do you reach the city centre?

From the dock in front of the hotel there is a boat to the city of Ibiza. Check timetables and prices at Reception. There is a bus stop 15 metres to the right of the exit of the hotel. There is also a taxi rank just in front of the hotel.

How can you go to Formentera?

From the dock in front of the hotel there is a boat to Formentera. Check timetables and prices at Reception.


Is the hotel accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, all public areas of the hotel (reception, terrace, restaurants and bars, etc.), as well as 11 rooms, have been adapted for those with reduced mobility.

Is the lift adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the doors of the lift measure 80 cm. The interior dimensions are 100 cm width and 90 cm depth. The handrail is a height of 90 cm. Additionally, the lift buttons are in braille.

Is it necessary to use the lift to reach the adapted rooms?

The adapted rooms are found on accessible floors, but requires use of the lift.

How is the bathroom set up in the rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility?

The bathroom of the adapted room has a shower with a continuous anti-slip floor. The vertical support bar is at a height of 70 cm to 117 cm.

Is it possible to access the swimming pool easily?

Yes. Accesses to the swimming pool and sun terraces are flat and there are no obstacles. The hotel has a special chair for entering the swimming pool. It can be used with the help of the lifeguard.

What is the tax on tourist stays?

The Balearic Government approved a law taxing tourist stays in the Balearic Islands. This tax came into effect from the 1st July 2016 and will tax stays in tourist establishments as from this date.
It is a direct tax, which will be paid in full into a fund for encouraging sustainable tourism.

Who is obliged to pay this tax?

All clients staying at the hotel (stays of persons under 16 years of age are exempt).

How is the amount to be paid calculated?

The sum to be paid will be obtained by applying the following rate to the number of days’ stay: in superior four star hotels €4 + VAT.
Discounts: 50% for long duration stays (as from the 9th day of the stay).

When should our clients pay the tax?

On arrival at the hotel during the check-in procedure our reception staff will present the corresponding documentation for payment of the tax before entry to the room.

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