How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

If you haven’t already booked your transfer with your tour operator, you can book it on our website.

What are the check-in & check-out times?

Check-in, after 2 p.m. and check-out before 12.00 midday.

Is there a car hire service in the hotel?

Car or motorbike hire may be arranged at Reception.

Is there a Dress Code in the buffet restaurant?

Yes, anyone in swimwear or not wearing a shirt/t-shirt will not be allowed in the hotel restaurants.

How much is the Wi-Fi connection?

The prepaid card to connect to internet via Wi-Fi is available at reception and costs €5 for 24 hours, €10 for 3 days and €20 for 1 week.

What is the climate in Ibiza?

Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate. In summer, from June to September, the average temperature is 28º C and can reach 35º C. On the beautiful beaches on the island, the water temperature averages 25º C. In winter the average temperature is 20º C.

Which clothes are best in summer?

In summer, it is preferable to wear cool clothes and of course don’t forget your swimming costume! At the beginning and end of the summer season, you will need a light cover up for the evenings, and during the winter you need warm clothes.

Which sun protection factor should I use?

With the high temperatures in summer, we would advise you to use sun lotion with an average protection index of 20 to 50, especially for children. It is also recommended to avoid sunbathing between 1pm and 4pm. 

What is the currency?

In Ibiza, as in Europe, the currency is the Euro.

What is the official language?

The official languages are Spanish and Catalan; at the hotel English is also spoken.

Is it possible to change currency or withdraw money at the hotel?

The hotel has a currency exchange service at Reception between 08:00 and 22:00h. There are ATM's available in the vicinity of the hotel.

IIs there a dress code for the hotel restaurants?

Please wear appropriate clothing to access the restaurants. It is strictly prohibited to enter barefoot, in swimwear, with wet clothes or topless.
At dinner it is recommended to dress more formally.

Does the hotel cater for vegetarians?

Although there is not a special menu available for vegetarians, there is a wide variety of salads and different dishes suitable for vegetarians.

Are there special dishes for diabetics?

Diabetic dishes are available, so we would recommend that you inform the hotel reception of your needs on arrival, or to the restaurant manager.

Does the hotel offer a picnic service instead of lunch or dinner?

Yes, the hotel offers picnics instead of lunch, which should be booked a day in advance at Reception, before 20:00h.

Do the different restaurants of the hotel offer gluten-free foods?

Although there is no special menu for people intolerant to gluten, the buffet restaurants of the hotel offer gluten-free foods, especially when Reception or the head of the restaurant is notified.  

Is it safe to drink the water in the hotel?

Yes, the water is safe to drink however we would advise you not to drink from the tap.

Can we buy mineral water in the hotel?

Yes, bottled mineral water and other drinks are available for purchase from the hotel bars. 

Are any vaccinations necessary?

It is not necessary to be vaccinated when travelling to Ibiza.

Are food allergies taken into consideration?

Yes, particular attention is made for guests suffering food allergies, so please advise the staff accordingly on arrival to the hotel or to the restaurant manager. 

Is there a chemist in the hotel complex?

No, but there is one nearby.

Is there a medical service?

If you require a private 24 hour medical service, Reception can manage the service for you. 
The closest public health centre is located in Santa Eulalia del Río, approximately 4km away.

Is it necessary to notify the hotel to reserve a cot? Does it have an additional cost?

If you are travelling with a baby under 2 years old, the cot will be available in your room upon arrival. This service is free.
If your baby is over 2 years old and requires a cot, the hotel must be notified, and will provide one for free, depending on availability at the time.

Is there a baby sitter service available at the resort?

No, there is no babysitting service in the complex.

Is the hotel accessible for pushchairs?

Being a complex at the foot of the mountain, the slopes and numerous staircases make the hotel inaccessible for pushchairs.

Is the hotel accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Being a complex at the foot of the mountain, the slopes and numerous staircases make the hotel inaccessible for people with reduced mobility.


What is the tax on tourist stays?

The Balearic Government approved a law taxing tourist stays in the Balearic Islands. This tax came into effect from the 1st July 2016 and will tax stays in tourist establishments as from this date.
It is a direct tax, which will be paid in full into a fund for encouraging sustainable tourism.

Who is obliged to pay this tax?

All clients staying at the hotel (stays of persons under 16 years of age are exempt).

How is the amount to be paid calculated?

The sum to be paid will be obtained by applying the following rate to the number of days’ stay: in three star hotels €2 + VAT.
Discounts: 50% for long duration stays (as from the 9th day of the stay).

When should our clients pay the tax?

On arrival at the hotel during the check-in procedure our reception staff will present the corresponding documentation for payment of the tax before entry to the room.

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