Travellers planning their holidays wish to enjoy the whole experience with all five senses, and one of the most important is the sense of taste. This sense allows you to experience the destination you are travelling to through its gastronomy.

At Sirenis Hotels & Resorts, we aim to make each establishment not only a good place to enjoy a deserved break, but also to awaken the appetite of guests with a wide range of cuisine. Everyone who visits us can have a full gastronomic experience thanks to Sirenis Hotels & Resorts offering an all-inclusive service. The main restaurants of the Sirenis hotels and resorts offer a buffet and have an incredible variety of dishes and menus with an international flavour.

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Themed restaurants are also offered within the facilities of our hotels, so that you can travel the world without having to leave the hotel. Cinnecittà has an Italian essence and decoration reminiscent of the film studio in Rome where famous films are shot, and from which the restaurant takes its name; Tappanyaki Club, where Asian flavours are prominent and cooked directly on the grill; and La Gira Rodizio which has delicious meats prepared in the Brazilian style are three great examples of the variety that we can find in different Sirenis destinations. If you are a couple looking for a romantic atmosphere, there is nothing like Le Relais Gourmand, with a refined French flavour served at the table in our hotels in Riviera Maya and Punta Cana, for those also seeking the most carefully selected flavours.

The Mediterranean essence is retained in all establishments, especially in Ibiza, but is also present in other destinations. If you prefer, you may also opt for a variety of international dishes. Mexico and the Dominican Republic, where we find the international destinations of Sirenis, are places where the gastronomic identity of the countries may be savoured at our hotels and resorts. What would a trip to Riviera Maya be without sampling authentic tacos in the purest Mexican style? This is possible at our resorts, and we even offer two incredible themed dinners which will be accompanied by an unparalleled show, details that you may only experience if you visit our resorts in Riviera Maya and Punta Cana.

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