Conditions of Use


1. Introduction: On this website, SIRENIS offers information related to the kind of activities, products and services it sells. This website and its contents offer you information about the hotels that SIRENIS markets and manages. By accessing and using this website, you agree to submit to the conditions set out below, and so it is recommended that you read this section carefully before beginning. SIRENIS reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove part of these conditions at any time, and to make changes to the products and programmes shown on this site without previous notice. Therefore, it is recommended that you check for any possible changes periodically.

2. Limitations of use: Limited to personal, and not business, usage. This website is for your personal use, and not at any time for business use. It is prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, market, sell or do any other action that may be carried out with the content of this website, even with the source cited, unless by written consent of SIRENIS. The creation or design for yourself or for a third party of any website whose domain name is identified with any of the brands registered by SIRENIS or one of its group’s companies, including the hotels’ identifying names, will not be authorised in any way.

3. Disclaimer: SIRENIS is not responsible for damage resulting from access, use or misuse of the website’s contents. All the information provided on this site is given as it is, without guarantees of any kind, whether implicit or explicit; therefore SIRENIS is not responsible for any guarantee with regard to this information. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implicit guarantees, and so there is a possibility that this disclaimer is not applicable to you. This website is used at your own risk. Therefore, neither SIRENIS nor its representatives or agents will be responsible for any loss or damages, whether direct or indirect, general or consequential, in any way connected to this site or which results from using this site or any SIRENIS information. You hereby renounce any complaint against SIRENIS that may arise from the use of this site or any information available on this SIRENIS website.

4. Responsibility for content: SIRENIS is not responsible for any possible discrepancies that may exist between the printed version of its documents and the electronic version of these, published on its website. The documents and photographs published on this website could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Information is subject to periodical changes. SIRENIS may make improvements or changes to the products or programmes herein described at any time. SIRENIS does not guarantee the truthfulness of the information created or provided by third parties, and is not responsible for any hypothetical damages that may occur due to the use of such information.

5. Copyright: The site’s content and domain name are the property of SIRENIS, which has the exclusive right to exploit these in any given way, including particularly reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights. In adherence to that stipulated in the Law of Intellectual Property, users promise to maintain the integrity of the work and to avoid any kind of deformation, modification or alteration of this that may entail damage to its legitimate interests or in detriment of its reputation. Furthermore, users promise not to reproduce, copy, distribute or publish the contents of this site’s information without the written agreement of its owner. Moreover, this site includes and refers to trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes and other property rights held by SIRENIS or regarding which SIRENIS has a license for use. No license or right will be granted for any of these trademarks, patents, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes and other property rights held by SIRENIS or regarding which SIRENIS has a license for use. All contents of this site, like text, graphics, logos, images, data collections, etc. are the exclusive property of SIRENIS. SIRENIS reserves the right to bring civil and/or criminal legal action against any individuals or corporations and their representatives for infringement of the provisions set out in these legal conditions of use, with particular regard to copyright laws. This website is not intended for distribution, to be used or accessed by persons from jurisdictions in which entering this website would result in SIRENIS infringing any laws or regulations in such jurisdiction.

6. Links: SIRENIS is not responsible for any information contained on third party websites that can be accessed from links or search engines on the SIRENIS website. The links included on the SIRENIS website are for informative purposes only. Under no circumstances does their inclusion mean any suggestion, invitation or recommendation concerning them.

7. Other conditions: The use of this website does not mean that any agreement, contract or commitment, or labor, business or agency relationship exists between SIRENIS and the user. Any rights that are not expressly granted remain expressly reserved by SIRENIS. Online bookings on this website are excluded as they are regulated by the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Law and by the procedures that must be followed when entering into the agreement. SIRENIS accepts no responsibility for the free exchange of information between users on its website. The liability for any statements provided on its website shall be held by the person making the statement.

8. Jurisdiction: Applicable law. Any disputes arising in relation to this website shall be governed by Spanish law, and so the resolution of any disagreement that may arise with users with regard to the conditions of use and any other complaint related to the website’s contents and services, will be resolved by the Judges and Courts of Ibiza, and will be interpreted according to Spanish Law; parties expressly waive their own local or regional law and any other that may correspond to them.

Approximate exchange rate, valid for information purposes only. We would remind you that according to the applicable legislation, payment is to be made in local currency, and in Cuba, in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) only.