What is the climate in the Dominican Republic?

The climate is tropical and the country has the same season as the north hemisphere. The average temperature varies between 25º and 30º C except in high altitude regions.

Which clothes are best in summer?

It is preferable to wear cool summer clothes and of course don’t forget your swimming costume! Take also light cover ups for the evenings.

Is there a Dress Code in the restaurants?

Yes, for dinner in the themed restaurants, there is a dress code: casual clothes and long trousers for gentlemen (no sports or swimwear allowed).

At what time is advisable to the sun?

With the tropical climate of Dominican Republic is better, particularly for children, prevent the sun from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Which sun protection factor should I use?

The protection factor depends on your skin. If you travel in summer, the temperature can reach more than 35º C and we would advise a minimum factor of 20.

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