Is the hotel accessible for handicapped guests?

Yes, all the public areas of the hotel (except the Pub Nautilius, the gym, the sauna and whirlpool) are accessible. There are 10 specially adapted rooms (without kitchenette).

Is the hotel entrance accessible for guests in wheelchairs?

Yes, the entrance is accessible for guests in wheelchairs, and the doors measure 1.64 m.

Is the lift adapted for handicapped people?

Yes, the lift doors measure 0.795 m inside, the lifts are 0.965 m wide with a depth of 1.39 m. The handrail is 0.98 m high and the lift buttons are in Braille and is 1.09 m – 1.32 m high.

Is it necessary to use the lift to reach the adapted rooms?

No, they are located on the ground floor.

What is the width of the door to the handicapped room?

The door is 0.82 m wide and once inside, the hall is 1.33 m wide and it is possible to make a circumference of 1.50 m.

What are the bathroom features?

The adapted bathroom has a non-slip bath which is 0.52m high; the vertical handrail is at a height of 0.6 – 1.4 m and has another horizontal handrail. The toilet handrail is 0.83m high and the toilets are 0.49 m high, the washbasin is adjustable between 0.60 m and 0.90 m and the handrail is 0.36 m – 1.36 m. The bathroom door measures 0.79 m.  All rooms have walk in showers.

Is it possible to access the swimming pool easily?

Yes.  The access to the swimming pool and sun terrace is flat and there are no obstacles. It is also easier to enter the pool thanks to the “beach” access.

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