Is the hotel accessible for handicapped guests?

Yes, all the public areas of the hotel (reception, terrace, restaurant, bars...) are accessible and there are 6 specially adapted handicapped rooms.

Is the hotel entrance accessible for guests in wheelchairs?

Yes, the entrance has 2 automatic doors measuring 2 m.

Is the lift adapted for handicapped people?

Yes, the lift doors measure 80cm. Inside, the lifts are 130 cm. wide with a depth of 106 cm. The handrail is 90 cm. high and the lift buttons are in Braille.

Is it necessary to take the lift to reach the handicapped rooms?

The adapted rooms are located on an accessible floor but the use of the lift is necessary.

What is the width of the door to the handicapped room?

The door is 80cm. wide and once inside, it is possible to make a 150cm circumference in the bedroom.

What are the bathroom features?

The adapted bathroom has a shower with a flat, level floor and the handrail is at a height of 70cm -117cm.

Is it possible to access the swimming pool easily?

Yes. Accesses to the swimming pool and sun terraces are flat and there are no obstacles. 
The hotel has a special chair to enter the pool. Its use should be coordinated with the lifeguard.

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