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Ibiza, a happy city, open to the world

The capital with its walled area, declared a World Heritage site, is situated in the municipality of Ibiza (Vila). The city also houses the main institutions of the island and offers numerous services to travellers and residents, such us hospitals, yachting marinas or business areas. The neighbourhood of La Marina, the Paseo Vara de Rey or la Plaza de Vila are some of the main focal points of the city. In addition, Ibiza boasts interesting museums such as the Archaeological Museum or the Contemporary Art Museum and important historical sites. Among them is the Necropolis de Puig des Molins or the ancient irrigation systems known as "portals de feixa" (Talamanca area).

A must-see: Dalt Vila

If you are in Ibiza town, you must pay a visit to the acropolis, declared a World heritage site. The construction of the renaissance era wall, composed of seven bulwarks, was encouraged by Charles I and Philip II of Spain in order to keep and defend the Spanish crown's territories. When the island stopped being the target of attacks of Turkish and Berber pirates the acropolis remained for the future as a testimony to that time and today it serves as heritage for all mankind. 

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