Is it safe to drink the water in the hotel?

Yes, but we would recommend that you drink bottled mineral water, available in your room mini-bar.

Are any vaccinations necessary?

It is not necessary to be vaccinated; however we would advise you to check with your doctor concerning your previous vaccinations. 

Does the hotel cater for vegetarians?

You will find an ample selection of salads and other dishes on the menu and in the restaurants, suitable for vegetarians.

Are there special dishes for diabetics?

Any guest requiring diabetic dishes is advised to contact the Public Relations Department in order that these may be arranged with the kitchen manager.

Are food allergies taken into consideration?

Yes, every recommendation from the health authorities and the quality controllers with whom we work is taken into consideration. We have a special process that takes into account every allergy.  

Can we buy medicine in the hotel?

We have basic medicines that do not require a prescription and a medical centre.

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