What is the currency?

The official currency in Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso but in all the tourist areas the use of the American dollar is common. The Euro has also entered the market thanks to the large amount of European tourists, particularly Spanish.

What is the official language?

The official language is Spanish; however English is generally understood in the main tourist areas.


Is it possible to change money or withdraw cash in the hotel?

Yes, you will be able to change money at reception and there is also a cash-point machine.

Is there a shopping centre in the Resort?

You will find shops in the resort selling souvenirs.

Where is the closest shopping centre and how do I get there?

The closest shopping centre is 2km from the resort and may be reached either on foot or by taxi

Can we buy alcohol and tobacco in the resort?

Yes, you will find alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the resort’s shops.  

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